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#1 2018-11-03 21:07:20

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Rogue (Withdrawn)

Name: Kevin
Age:  24
Country: Norway
Job/School: Farm boy wink
Battletag (so we can contact you): Charlie#2739
Basic Information
Character Name: Válaa
Armory link: … V%C3%A1laa
Class: Rogue
Spec: Varies depending on boss. But mainly Assassination.
What stat priority do you follow: Raids: haste > crit = mastery. M+: Crit > haste = mastery.
What is your OS and able you able to / do you want to play it: Si senior.
Previous Guilds
What is your current progression? (If you have been on a break, you can use your previous progression): 2/8m, 7/8hc. Previous guild killed g'huun while I was gone one day. We never went back..
Do you have any alts: Yes, MW monk and mage. MW is the only one close to raid ready. But is currently on another server.
Are you able to communicate vocally while raiding: Affirmative. 
Are you able to speak and understand English fluidly? (Accents do not matter): Yes.
What do you expect from us: A positive environment where we can enjoy hard content together, and progress as a team. smile
How much time do you spend on WOW: Quite a bit, but I have found it hard to fill my time ingame with things to do lately.
Are you able to make our raid days; Thursday (20-23ST), Saturday (20-24ST), and Monday (20-23ST): Yes.
Do you have any links to any logs (warcraft logs / world of logs) that we can view: Unforunately I do not. My last guild never ran logs and I never thought to do it myself. 
Why do you want to join Parallel: You have killed the exact same ammount of bosses in udlir mythic as I have, I prefer to kill bosses for the first time in a progression setting. I don't know much more about you than this, so this is the only answer I can give.
How did you learn about Parallel: Through someone in General chat. 
Anything else you would like to share: I have raided a lot throughout the wow expansions. But I have never had a guild I could stick to. It has been extremely fun to play with so many different people but, I'm looking for somewhere to settle down a bit. I hope parallel can be this guild if we are compatible smile


#2 2018-11-04 00:19:11

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Re: Rogue (Withdrawn)

Hey Kevin!
Your app is looking good! Is there any chance we can have a chat in person on soon? I have added you to btag (Derrin#2277) smile.png!
Kind regards,


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