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#1 2017-12-08 13:11:51

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Multiple classes (DK, Monk, Shaman, Mage, Priest, Druid) (Accepted)

Application Template:

20 (Born 1997)
Studying to be a fly fishing guide
Battletag: NiP9x#2146
Basic Information
Character Name: Beerfiish (Monk), Arxis (mage), Àrxis (Druid), Deadfiish (Dk), Stórmhammer (Shaman). Considering all specs

Armory: … %c3%a1mmer

What stat priority do you follow: Depending on class (Mage: Int, Crit, Mastery, Haste). (Monk: Agi, Crit, Mast, Vers, Haste 17%)
Previous Guilds
What is your current progression? (If you have been on a break, you can use your previous progression): 2/11 HC
Do you have any alts: Yes, mentioned above.
Are you able to communicate vocally while raiding: Yes
Are you able to speak and understand English fluidly? (Accents do not matter): Yes
What do you expect from us: Friendly and social raid environment. 
How much time do you spend on WOW: If guild is active outside of raids, a lot.
Are you able to make our raid days; Thursday (20-23ST), Saturday (20-24ST), and Monday (20-23ST): Yes

Do you have any links to any logs (warcraft logs / world of logs) that we can view: … fficulty=0 … amage-done (Log for the video)
Why do you want to join Parallel: Game doesn't give me the feeling of progression it used to and my current guild is not aiming for Mythic
How did you learn about Parallel: Saw recruitment ad in game.
Anything else you would like to share: I´m not loot driven and I like to focus on the progress. Social aspect of the game is important to me and I would be happy to hang around in guild VoIP when ever possible.

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#2 2017-12-10 20:57:18

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Re: Multiple classes (DK, Monk, Shaman, Mage, Priest, Druid) (Accepted)

Hey there Niko!

Thanks for the chat we've had. We are interested in offering you a trial spot on your elemental shaman a spot. We know it's undergeared, but if you're happy to play it, then we're happy to help you get it raid ready.
Welcome to Parallel! We wish you a pleasant stay!



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