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#1 2018-02-20 17:54:33

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Skever - Retribution Paladin (Declined)

Name: Juho Salo
Age: 20
Country: Finland
Job/School: Job/Customer Servicer
Battletag (so we can contact you): Tillitali#2646
Basic Information
Character Name: Skever
Armory link: … oon/skever
Class: Paladin
Spec: Retribution
What stat priority do you follow: Strength, Mastery, Haste, Crit, Vers
What is your OS and able you able to / do you want to play it: My offspec is heal. To be honest I'm not used to heal as Paladin but it is something I'm trying to learn. 
Previous Guilds
What is your current progression? (If you have been on a break, you can use your previous progression): My current progression is 11/11 Antorus Normal and 9/11 Antorus Heroic. All these have been done in Pugs.
Do you have any alts: I have a blood deathknight (Havent decided offspec Unholy or Frost.) and I have a MM Hunter.
Are you able to communicate vocally while raiding: Yeah I am able to communicate while raiding smile.
Are you able to speak and understand English fluidly? (Accents do not matter): Yes.
What do you expect from us: I expect pretty challenging raiding, Bad and awesome moments. (Wiping 200 times or finally killing a boss). 
How much time do you spend on WOW: I play a lot. Like 4-6 hours minium a day mostly.
Are you able to make our raid days; Thursday (20-23ST), Saturday (20-24ST), and Monday (20-23ST): Yes.
Do you have any links to any logs (warcraft logs / world of logs) that we can view: … /#fight=17 (I joined a guild's try on Aggramar HC. This is one the fights.)
Why do you want to join Parallel: I want to raid seriously and learn to master my role(s). I believe this guild would be the perfect place.
How did you learn about Parallel: I was asking about guilds in a trade chat, Then Anknara (Not sure I spelled that right) contacted me and we had chat and he guided me here. 
Anything else you would like to share: Not really smile. Feel free to ask any questions in-game or on bnet.

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#2 2018-02-28 14:19:05

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Re: Skever - Retribution Paladin (Declined)

Sorry for the late reply, we've been really busy lately! I'm afraid we're going to decline you as we want a little more from our recruits but we wish you the best of luck in your search!



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