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Frost Deathknight (Accepted)

Name: Emil Nielsen
Age: 23
Country: Denmark
Job/School: VUC Roskilde
Battletag (so we can contact you): Spphy#2204
Basic Information
Character Name: Spphy 
Armory link: … moon/spphy
Class: Deathknight
Spec: Frost
What stat priority do you follow: I try to stay withing 30-35% haste and 40% mastery. From there I sim what stats are most beneficial but as a DK it is mostly itemlevel over anything since all the stats are about equal
What is your OS and able you able to / do you want to play it: My offspec is blood and I can tank dungeons ect but I am not too self confident in tanking raids.
Previous Guilds
What is your current progression? (If you have been on a break, you can use your previous progression): My current progression in Antorus is 11/11HC divided across two characters. My progression is previus tiers have been 6/9M ToS, 4/10M NH (The 3 first and the 4th being Gul'Dan) 3/3HC ToV and 7/7M EN.
Other noteworthy kills from previus expansions:
TBC: Mount Hyjal, SSC, TK and Kara as shaman healer.
Wrath: Naxx 10/25 cleared, had a break till ICC where I cleared 11/12HC 10man and 12/12N 25 man.
In cataclysm I killed 2/5HC BoT BWD 2/6HC Throne of four Winds 2/2HC and break again til Dragon soul where I cleared 6/8HC
In MoP I didn't raid before SoO in WoD prepatch. I cleared 13/14 normal before prepatch 14/14 mythic after prepatch.
In WoD I cleared highmaul 7/7M, BRF 7/10M (Sat on our Iron Maidens kill, but I cleared 10/10 later in HFC patch) 13/13M HFC.
Noteworthy guilds I've been a part of: Weeping Angels-Draenor
Do you have any alts: Only alt I have on Silvermoon is a warlock
Are you able to communicate vocally while raiding: Yes
Are you able to speak and understand English fluidly? (Accents do not matter): Yes
What do you expect from us: A raid team to have fun with and kill some bosses
How much time do you spend on WOW: a LOT. I don't know how many hours as week but it is a lot
Are you able to make our raid days; Thursday (20-23ST), Saturday (20-24ST), and Monday (20-23ST): Yes, without a problem
Do you have any links to any logs (warcraft logs / world of logs) that we can view: I am only linking relevant logs from my dk: … metric=dps I have no logs from normal or any logs on my druid since playing with Weeping Angels they have hidden logs. But I have SOME logs on my druid that I will link: … 829079/13/
Why do you want to join Parallel: I want to kill bosses, have fun and play with Friends.
How did you learn about Parallel: Been playing with you guys on/off via Nusom/Flonk and via Anknara/Michelle
Anything else you would like to share: I'm pretty new to DK but I like to think that I play it pretty well. Oh yeah my character is a Gnome.


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