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Strecket - Restoration/Balance - Druid (Accepted)

• Personal:  

-Name: Daniel

-Age: 23

-Country: Sweden

-Job/school?: I currently study at Komvux in Sweden.

-battletag (so we can contact you): strecket#2320

• Basic information

-Character name: Strecket

-Class: Druid

-Role: Restoration as mainspecc and balance as offspecc.

-What stat priority do you follow?: As restoration druid I prioritice Mastery/haste. I do this because with haste I get more ticks with my periodic healing and with mastery I get more strong direct heals and activate a periodic heal afterwards. As balance I prioritce mastery and a bit of multistrike/haste. With mastery I gain more damage when I enter Eclipse and with multistrike I have a chance to trigger another attack and finally haste I cast spells faster and regeneration of energy.
Previous guilds:

-What is your current progression (If you have been on a break for some reason or another, you can use your previous progression from other current expansion raids)?: Before I was in Do not Disturb. We had an progress of 3/7 Mythic Highmaul and 8/10 Heroic in BRF. I left the guild because people started to be unrelaible and started arguments for equipment which is one of the things I hate most. I also had an disagreement with the guild leaders girlfriend which I won't go into here but it was ugly. 

-Do you have any alts?: Sadly I do not have any good or geared alts at this moment. I am at the moment thinking of what alt I should start to focus to gear up to raid with. I wanna do this because I want to give the guild im in the choice of chooseing what class to bring for the best way to defeate the encounter we are facing.

• Other:

-Are you able to communicate vocally while raiding?: I can speak both Swedish and english. I'm good and speaking/understanding english. I don't have a problem communicateing during raids and never had, but I will neither speak out of term or speak all the time because I don't want to talk over another person.

-Are you able to speak and understand English fluidly? (Accents do not matter): Yes, I belive I am good and speaking/understanding english.

-What do you expect from us?: I expect a nice raiding enviorment with nice people. I am not an so called "Eliteist." One of the thing I hate most is people that are "Eliteist."  I want an casual raiding-guild.                                                                                           
-How much time do you spend on World of Warcraft?: It depends on how much work I have to do in school but I usually spend around 5 hours+ everyday.

-What time are you available to raid? And can you make our raiddays (Thursday (20-23ST), Saturday (20-24ST)and Monday (20-23ST)?): I can make those raid times. I can't raid during the evening because I attend school to 17:00 from monday to friday.

-Why do you want to join Parallel?: Two of my best friends are currently in the guild, Vellorian and Wulvella. I think the guild is exactly what I want aswell, a fun and casual raiding enviornment guild.

-How did you learn about Parallel?: I was told by my friends whitch is currently in the guild.

-Do you have any links to any logs (warcraft logs / wol)  that we can view?: I do not at this moment. There were logs from Do Not Disturb but I can't find them at the moment.

-Anything else you would like to share: I am a person with alot of patience and won't have any problem to wipe during progression runs. I have been told I have a wierd personality but I don't see that as a bad thing, I see it that im special. smile Gaming has been my hobby and the thing I like to do most since I was 12 years old and I love it as much, if not even more today since the day I started.

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